31 Days of Marketing

The 31 Days of Marketing is my holiday gift to you. Enjoy these 31 marketing tips for your own business. Use what you can. Ignore what doesn’t apply to you.

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December 1

During the holidays, your message can get lost in the chaos. Make sure that you have differentiated your marketing. Don’t tell them how you’re the same as everyone else. Show them how you’re different.

December 2

Most brands just scream about selling: Buy! Buy! Buy!

Most people reply with: Bye! Bye! Bye!

Share information that your customers want and need. Find ways to help their pain before they even buy.

December 3

Are you listening to your customers?

Read reviews, solicit feedback, & respond accordingly. Acknowledging your customer praise and concerns, learning their needs, & being in touch puts you ahead of the game.

December 4

Is the Call to Action (CTA) on your website easy to find? If it’s not converting, it’s probably not prominent enough.

Try different landing pages to see which CTA works best and then use it on your home page.

December 5

Focus on your target audience.

While your product/service may be available to everyone, there is still a demographic that is more likely to make a purchase. Find out who that is and spend your budget there.

December 6

The content that you create on your website and in social media is how people find you when they don’t know who you are yet. It should be rich with good information for your audience.

December 7

Use Video.

Short videos that help your customers know your brand get noticed in social media faster than any other post. Make it humorous and you may even win them over for life.

December 8

Claim Your Google Business Listing.

When someone searches for you online, your Google listing helps them with tons of information – and ratings! Claim it and manage your users’ experiences.

December 9

Blogging Works!

Blogging accomplishes so many things! It creates fresh content on your site, new SEO opportunities, keeps you informed through research, and it provides your customers with valuable information.

December 10

Site Speed Matters!

Optimize your website for speed. If your site is slow to load, your customers will bounce out and look at your competition. Large image files, slow scripts and bad hosting may be the cause.

December 11

Be Responsible.

Use your influence, reach, and recognition in a way that enhances your industry and shows your business to be caring, concerned, and a positive contribution to the community.

December 12

Pay Attention to Current Events
Keep an eye on both your campaign and current events. Make sure that nothing you post can be construed as inappropriate in regard to the things happening in the world.

December 13

Be Careful Who Does Your Social Media.

Make sure that whoever is in charge of posting to your accounts understands your business, how to reply, and what to avoid so that YOU can avoid mistakes. (Interns are almost never this person.)

December 14

Go Live!

Using the social platform where most of your customers are, take advantage of Live Video! Whether it’s a summit, a demo, a webinar, or an introduction to your team, live video is engaging!

December 15

Descriptions Matter.

Whether you sell a service or a product, make sure you describe it well. This helps with SEO, but more importantly, your customers will be better educated to make a purchase they will enjoy.

December 16


There is value in meeting other people and sharing what you do. Even if they aren’t your potential customer, they know people who may be. They can recommend you to those others.

December 17

Carry Business Cards.

Business cards still work! Include important information: name, business, phone number, email, and location (for brick-and-mortar businesses). Then make sure to hand them out!

December 18

Use Press Releases

If you have a new product, new hire, or an event to highlight, submit a press release to the appropriate news agencies. They don’t always get picked up, but when they do it’s free advertising!

December 19

SEO Works…

…but only if you do it right. Provide rich content. Pay attention to key words, links, alt-text on your images, and how you use header tags. Pay a professional to help.When it doubt, hire it out!

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