I’m proud of my bedhead. Good bedhead is a sign of a good night’s sleep – and I do some of my best thinking when I’m asleep.

In the last few weeks alone, I have had some wonderful adventures, and some really cool ideas while I’ve been sleeping.

For example, a few weeks ago I dreamed that I was a ghost hunter on that television show. There were some amazing things we came across, making us sure that the building was, indeed, haunted. In my dream, a couple that was part of the crew invited me back to see their house they were redecorating, because there was also haunting activities there. Once we arrived at their home I walked from room to room – all in various levels of reconstruction. I finally arrived at an attic room where their cats were laying in the sunshine from the window. As I was walking out of that room into the next, something grabbed me in a hold from behind pushing me across the room as it picked up a piece of chalk and wrote on the door “no animals.”

Well, in this dream I wasn’t scared at all. Instead, I was trying to call the others to see what was happening. I was trying to call them so loudly that I was actually yelling in my sleep and woke up my husband. Awesome and Fun Dream.

Another night I dreamed of a better way to make s’mores.

Cut a slit into the round end and insert a piece of chocolate. Then roast the marshmallow/chocolate combination. Both will melt and make an amazing s’more.

A vivid dream from a few years ago actually landed me on the floor.

I was dreaming that I was in a movie – a Harry Potter movie, to be exact. I wasn’t dreaming that I was at Hogwarts, mind you – but in the movie as an actress. So somewhere between taking direction and acting…I did a little spin in my wizarding wardrobe…and spun myself right off the bed. I woke up falling to the floor.

I love sleeping, and I love dreaming. There always seems to be something amazing on both sides of the equation.

Yep – bedhead well-earned.

Your bedheaded blogger,