Around Christmastime I was doing my shopping at Walmart. I have a favorite cashier…nice lady. Always willing to wait for her…she knows how to pack. I noticed an older Vet in front…carefully lined his items, wearing his Navy hat and coat with pride....


I make a lunch each day for a homeless man named JR. The weather has been cold in relation to FL. I found him yesterday and brought him an extra blanket. Another man saw that act of kindness and handed JR some money. To each their own how they feel led to help...

Subway Cello

Recently while in Toronto I took a deep ten minutes to really listen to the subway busker. His cello skills brought me to tears. Naturally I gave him money afterwards
My wife is amazing

My wife is amazing

My darling wife, who runs a local job bank page, teaches people how to identify their real skills and see themselves in new ways. The light of my heart sharing her light with others.