Dare to dream.
Don’t settle for mediocrity.

Too many people forfeit their dreams and instead take what they see as the easier path. The thing that they fail to see is that just because a path has become more familiar does not mean it is the path they belong on.

  • A well-worn path offers no new view.
  • The same routine holds no excitement.
  • The deeper the rut, the harder it is to climb out.

So why do we stay on that path? Because we know it well. It has become a sort of comfort zone. But we have to ask ourselves…is comfort fun? Is comfort exciting? And most of all…is comfort fulfilling?

From discomfort have come the most amazing contributions…
  • Instead of cursing the darkness, Edison invented the lightbulb.
  • Instead of being confined to the ground, the Wright Brothers took flight.
  • Instead of watching children become crippled by Polio, Salk created the Polio vaccine.
  • Instead of combing my hair first thing every morning – I take a picture for you!

What amazing things might you accomplish by dreaming beyond your path, beyond your rut, beyond your zone of comfort? 

For beyond your zone of comfort lies your zone of success.
Take the first step.
Discover your journey.
Think beyond average.
Take a beadhead photo.
Your bedheaded blogger,