I am sure that there is a reason for ugly carpet. There must be – the industry produces a LOT of it. And I don’t mean 40+ year-old shag that came with its own rake. No, I mean brand-spanking-new carpet. The kind you see in most hotels.

I am also sure there must be a reason that hotels use the ugliest carpet they can find. Do an online image search for “hotel carpet” and see what I mean. (Go ahead…open another tab and search. I’ll wait right here.)

Now, before you comment about hiding stains and wear-and-tear, I promise you – I do get it. I understand that a nice pattern can hide a multitude of sins. But even so, most hotel carpets aren’t what I would consider “nice.” Take a look at the doozy above from a seminar I attended.

See what I mean?

But here’s the thing…that carpet did not deter our group from renting space. It didn’t stop us from enjoying a meal in that room. It didn’t keep us from learning. And, honestly, I think I was the only person to comment on it. (Or photograph it.)

So why bring it up here?

Because when we make decisions for our businesses we need to keep in mind the things that are truly important versus the things that we can either have fun with or allow others to decide. I have heard stories about businesses (and even churches) that split over the color of the carpet. Sad, really.

Bear in mind the important things. Things like budget, security, marketing, and staffing. Think about benefits, products, services, and location. Don’t sweat the color or the pattern of the thing you walk on.

I am here to tell you that there are bigger fish to fry. (Some of them may even be printed on that carpet.)