Bucket List: A List of Things to Complete Before You Kick the Bucket.

Everybody’s Bucket List is different. We all aspire to do different things that will thrill and amaze us. Whether it is meeting a celebrity, jumping from an airplane, seeing Paris, or learning to play the guitar.

There’s even a website devoted to keeping track of your bucket list items.

I understand the Bucket List concept. I applaud it even. There are certainly things in my life that I want to do. But I don’t think of it as things that I want to do “before I kick the bucket” – I think of it as things I want to do WHILE I AM ALIVE. It has nothing to do with death, and everything to do with living.

And I have had a great first half of my life. I’ve accomplished quite a few things. I have:

  • Raised an amazing daughter
  • Taught classes at all different levels on many subjects
  • Conducted orchestras (twice!)
  • Held public office
  • Traveled
  • Married people
  • Been published
  • Presented at conferences
  • Completed both bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • Made many friendships
  • Started by own business
  • Been president of a church
  • Served on many boards
  • Co-founded a massage alliance
  • Started a blog
  • and more

But I do still have a few more things on the old Living List. I would like to:

  • Deliver a baby
  • Go to Europe
  • Write a novel
  • Be wealthy enough to live comfortably and help others
  • Go over Niagara Falls in a barrel (not really…just seeing if you’re paying attention)
  • Become fluent in sign language and Spanish
  • See Yellowstone
  • Cruise Alaska
  • Give a TED talk
  • Sing on Broadway

I realize that I may not achieve all of these…but isn’t having dreams and goals what keeps you going? If not, how would the list of things already accomplished have gotten there?

I encourage everyone to have a Living List. Think of a few things you would like to accomplish then work toward getting them done. Meet people who can help and encourage you.

Tell me in the comments below what is on YOUR list. You never know who may read it and be able to help it come true.

Your bedheaded blogger,