Whether you graduated last year or 30 years ago – it’s never too soon (or too late) to add to your education. Regardless of your profession, there is always room for more information, new ways of thinking, and different ways to do things.

I was fortunate to attend a WordPress Camp in Buffalo recently. I was never under the fantasy that I know everything there is to know about building websites on this platform, so I was excited to see some of what I didn’t already know.  In doing that, I also learned that I am not a complete rookie either. That got me to thinking about all of the ways that continuing education is beneficial.

Here are a few of the benefits of attending professional development/continuing education in your field:

  • Relevance. Continued education allows us to remain in the conversation about our field – and sound intelligent while we do.
  • Better Practice. “Because we’ve always done it that way” is not a good excuse to avoid improving your practice. There is no faster way to allow your competition to pass you up than avoiding improvement
  • Validation. While learning new information, we are often reminded about how much we do know. This kind of validation allows us to proceed in our field with confidence.
  • Networking. Find new contacts sitting in a training, or attending a seminar. I have made friends and been connected to new clients simply by being in the room.
  • Compliance. Many industries require either a set number of hours of education within a time frame – or acquisition of specific knowledge – that require that you obtain education.
  • Marketability. Leverage yourself for a raise – or look for a job elsewhere. Greater knowledge means you are worth more.
Regardless of your field – there are many ways to develop your skills, acquire knowledge, and add to your education. So pick up a book, attend a class, watch an educational video, or sign up for a seminar or conference – and let the learning begin!