Evaluate Your Business Card

Does your business card include all of the necessary information? Is the font easy to read? Are the colors pleasant? Do you include a tag line? Phone number? Website? Address? Are your name and title easy to see and read? If not…start over. Your business card is a mini billboard that potential clients will put in their pocket, rolodex, wallet, refrigerator, desk and more. Make sure that it represents you and your business well. And use the back to your best advantage. That’s seven square inches of untapped business card potential.

Hand Out at Least Two Cards Every Day

It does no good to have business cards and not give them out. Give out your cards to at least two new people every day. You never know where your next client may come from, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity. And while you’re at it, give some people more than one card – so they can share and pass along the extra.

Claim Your Google Business Listing

You don’t have to have a physical office to claim your listing. There are different settings to indicate how you deliver your business to others. It takes about 10 minutes to set up a decent listing, and it’s FREE!

Set Up Your Facebook Call to Action Button

Facebook has created a call-to-action button for business pages. When a Facebook user lands on your business page they can click a button that is embedded in the cover photo that can take them to your contact page, booking site, video, and more. You select which language will appear on the button, and the URL that the button should redirect to.

Learn Something New Every Day

Whether it is reading a book, a blog, magazine article, or watching a YouTube video on an area that helps your business, you should never stop learning.

  • Invest in professional development courses.
  • Read trade magazines.
  • Follow a blog.
  • Watch videos that can enhance what you do.
  • Join an online forum for your industry.
  • Learn new best practices.
  • Share with others how you do business.

Investing 20 minutes a day in learning something that can help you grow is the best way to spend 20 minutes!

Outsource What You Can’t Do or Don’t Have Time For

A massage therapist excels at working with the human body. An electrician works wonders at making the lights operational. That doesn’t make them good marketers, accountants, or chefs. Realize your core competency…and hire someone to fill in the gaps. If you are a painter, then you make more money painting for someone else than spending time in the office doing your accounting. So hire someone to do the books…and keep making money painting! Investing in the right people to move your business forward allows you to DO your business.