Welcome to the Daily Bedhead.

A few months ago I posted this photo to Facebook with the caption “Does this bed head mean I can join Flock of Seagulls?” Hilarity ensued.

But mostly I had people saying to me how brave I was.

Really? A photo of myself with messy hair is brave?

I was struck by how much appearance matters to so many. And yes, of course it matters to me, too (otherwise that bedhead would have a LOT more grey in it). But honestly, life is too much fun not to share a bad hair photo every once in awhile.

The Daily Bedhead was born.

Most mornings I’m astonished at what has happened to my hair overnight. Quite the masterpieces. After all, they take HOURS to accomplish!

So please join me often. Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and laugh with me.

It doesn’t get any more real than bedhead.

Your bedheaded blogger,